Dr. Popi Sotiriadou Playa Power

Meet one of the experts behind Playa Power’s success: Dr. Popi Sotiriadou

Dr. Popi Sotiriadou Playa Power

Let’s meet more of the extraordinary team at Playa Power, starting with Dr. Popi Sotiriadou. Popi, who works at Griffith University, is a leading expert in the sports world, focusing on technology, strategy, management, and marketing. She’s known for making a big impact in sports by researching topics like sports tech, rules and policies, sponsorships, what sports fans like, and how to manage events. Importantly, she’s helped make sports fairer and more open to everyone.

Popi is the brains behind the 12 masterclasses in the Playa Power program. These classes teach you important stuff like how to build a brand, understanding the digital world, making a personal brand, using social media, creating content, telling stories, handling brand crises, making money from a personal brand, getting fans involved, working with others, understanding the law, managing money, and keeping a personal brand strong over time. She makes sure athletes learn practical skills and smart strategies to stay ahead in the fast-changing sports industry.

By teaming up with Playa Power, Popi shares her vast knowledge and experience. This way, you get the best education and advice to be successful in marketing and branding yourself.

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