Turn Media Moments into Career Opportunities

The Power of Media Opportunities for Athletes

For athletes, the playing field is just the beginning. Embracing media opportunities can significantly elevate an athlete’s brand, opening doors to new career paths, increasing marketability, and extending their influence beyond their sport. Whether it’s through commentary, social media, podcasts, or press engagements, media exposure allows athletes to connect with fans, share their insights, and become a voice of authority in the sports community.

When it comes to transitioning from sports to sports media, Allana Ferguson is a playbook all her own. The former Rugby 7s and Rugby League star for Australia has seamlessly pivoted her career into the spotlight of sports commentary, proving that the game isn’t over when you step off the field.

Allana Ferguson’s Seamless Media Transition
Allana’s journey into media wasn’t pre-planned. During her time on the field, she preferred keeping her social media profiles private, away from public scrutiny. The shift came with a nudge to make her Instagram public, coinciding with more frequent post-game interviews and media engagements. This move catapulted her presence from the field into the public eye, showing her the impact she could have beyond the game.

Maximising Media Moments
With each media appearance, Allana didn’t just show up—she owned the space. She learned to own every media spot, using each gig not just for extra face time but as a platform to advocate, educate, and inspire. Her approach? Dive in and own it. “Every time I did a piece on TV or a post-game interview, it led to more opportunities,” she explains. This proactive attitude helped her shape her brand and become a respected voice in sports media.

Embracing this new role, Allana discovered the power of media not only to amplify her voice but to inspire and influence young athletes, especially girls. Her story about being recognized at a grocery store by a father who, after seeing her on TV, decided to let his daughter play rugby, highlights the profound societal impact athletes can have through media.

Media Training: Prep Like It’s Game Day
Just as you train for sports, media skills require practice and preparation. Allana stresses the importance of getting ready for each media appearance as if it’s a big game. She suggests, “Just like training on the field, I had to prepare for each media appearance, learning how to present my thoughts clearly and engagingly.” Athletes can consider seeking professional media training through sporting clubs or external companies to help them feel more comfortable in media situations.

Exploring Media Opportunities Beyond Commentary
If sports commentating and game-day interviews isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other opportunities within the media landscape.

Press Conferences: Get comfy with the press; it’s your direct line to the sports world.
Podcasts: Chat about your journey or host discussions on topics you’re passionate about.
Social Media: Keep your followers hooked with daily updates and behind-the-scenes peeks.
Events and Articles: Share your expertise at panel discussions or through written articles.

Find the media opportunities that you feel most comfortable with and align to your brand.

Allana’s advice for athletes looking to break into media? “Give it a crack. What have you got to lose? It’s about putting yourself out there and just starting with one step at a time.”

Allana Ferguson’s experience is more than just a success story—it’s a playbook for any athlete considering a media career. Media engagement isn’t just about maintaining relevance; it’s a powerful tool to make your mark and have your say in the sports world. So why not start shaping your media strategy today?

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