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Increase your TikTok discoverability with Creator Search Insights

Creating TikTok content just became a whole lot easier thanks to the apps latest feature: Creator Search Insights.

This game changing tools allows you to see exactly what topics and content your audience and followers are searching for on the app. It also provides insight into how popular overall trending topics are amongst your followers, and provides examples of other TikTok videos in that category. Now use this information to generate your own content ideas that you know will appeal to the audience’s interests. By including this tool in your content strategy will save you time and energy, and empower you to produce content that more people want to consume.

How to use it
Access the app by searching “Creator Search Insight” in the TikTok search bar (you’ll soon be able to find it directly in creator tools in your setting). Once there, you’ll see For You and Trending Page categories which show you trending topics and their level of popularity with your audience. You can break this down further into “Content Gaps” and “Searches by followers” by clicking on the For You heading.

Content Gap = Topics that are highly searched but don’t have many videos, meaning yours could stand out.
Searched by followers = What your followers are looking up

Optimising your content strategy to acknowledge these in-demand topics will boost your visibility and increase engagement with your channel, which is gold for building your audience.

TikTok Creator search insights

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